Infections, Diagnosis and Treatment

Resistant pathogens, Difficult issues in protocols, Treatment algorithms, Case studies discussion

Our efforts are focused on anti-infective therapy and infection control

Infection therapy and infection control are becoming a growing problem and cost, and this process will only accelerate in the future. The COVID-19 pandemic is an additional factor, albeit unpredictable in advance, that will significantly speed up the growth and prevalence of resistance. The reason and inevitability of this lies in the biological characteristics of microorganisms.

If this process is not controlled, it seems that the time is not far off when appendectomy or conventional soft tissue intervention will become like “roulette” in terms of the risk of infectious complications and outcomes. Moreover, these complications will be more dire than in the “pre-antibiotic” era.

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What are we DOing?

Development of treatment guidelines

Clinical guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of infections do not cover all cases, especially in the context of multidrug-resistant pathogens. The problem can be mitigated by reviewing the literature on these issues. This is one of the activities implemented by this project.

Development of treatment algorithms

Wherever possible, we prefer to represent the accumulated practically relevant information on diagnosis and treatment in the form of interactive algorithms. The algorithms are developed on both a nosological and etiotropic basis.

Development of a statistical and analytical AMS system

We are developing a system for collecting, storing and analyzing data for predicting antibiotic resistance based on the AMR for R software package developed by the specialists of the University Medical Center of Groningen.

Contract services

We can create an anti-infective therapy algorithm for your tasks by nosology or individual pathogen, taking into account all the latest scientific data and the specifics of your clinic, or turn any of your treatment, diagnostic, or action algorithms into an interactive web application based on our software library.


We will be glad to see authors of new materials in our team, especially those who work with the problems of anti-infective therapy and infection control in hospitals, because the tasks are quite extensive, and collaborative work will allow us to cover them faster and more fully.

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